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Sporting Gijon 0 - Real Madrid 1 HD. Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Higuain and Xabi´s comments

Several members of José Mourinho's squad caught up with Real Madrid Television after the Whites 1-0 victory against Sporting Gijon. With the Merengues continuing to lead the league table, there was a feeling of optimism amongst the players. Gonzalo Higuain I'm delighted with this latest victory because it means we continue to be league leaders. We knew we needed to win because Barcelona beat Villarreal. I came close to scoring plenty of times which obviously frustrated me, but in the end I found the back of the net. It was a great feeling. It was a very tough game. There was a rather hostile atmosphere but thankfully we won in the end. Iker Casillas We had plenty of possibilites to find the back of the net and the score should have looked a lot different at the end of the game. Sporting certainly didn't make it easy for us but tonight's match has worked in our favour because it has given us a boost of confidence and it's made us stronger as a team. Cristiano Ronaldo Anybody who watched the game will have seen the amount of fouls commited on me. It certainly made it very tough to play but we put in a fine performance, we created plenty of chances and in the end we won despite having to work very hard. José Mourinho wasn't watching from the bench but he had given us very clear instructions and everything worked out well. Xabi Alonso It was a very tough and intense game. They were determined to pick up points tonight but we didn't want to lose any at all. We were clear that we wanted to lead from early on but it didn't work out that way. Their fans made it very intimidating for us tonight but in the end we won and that's all that matters.

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