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Sporting de Gijon vs Real Madrid. Adan forecast.

Are you favourites or aspirants to win the League title? TOTAL We are aspirants. The reigning champions are Barcelona and they are the team to beat. We are showing a good, competitive level and we have yet to lose a game. The team is growing in stature and really is becoming a championship-winning side. But we will see if we are at the end of the season and see whether we have won trophies or not. ROTULO: What must it be like for rival goalkeepers to face Real Madrid? TOTAL That is the sensation that we are looking to create. When the opposing team steps out onto the pitch, they are aware that in front of them is a great side who is going to enjoy a lot of shots on goal, is constantly on the attack and wants the full three points. ROTULO: When can we expect the first defeat? TOTAL It will happen sooner or later. Of course, we would prefer it to be later rather than sooner and also for the merits of our opponents and not for mistakes on our part. If we continue as we are at the moment and a team beats us then we will go out the following week intent on gaining a victory. ROTULO: A chance for Adán to break into the first team is on the horizon... TOTAL I am working to be able to have that chance. I am sure that it will arrive one day and so I need to be ready for when it does. Although 11 players are involved in our matches, we know that the next week there could be changes and any one of us could be called. You have to make the most of those opportunities. ROTULO: Do you think Sporting are capable of pulling a surprise? TOTAL They are a difficult team to face at their ground. Their fans create quite an oppresive atmosphere. It seems that whenever they play Real Madrid, they give 120% of themselves - that's the kind of difficulties we will be up against. However I think that Madrid are really keen to maintain their positive run of victories and we will be going all out for maximum points. ROTULO: Where can we expect the biggest threat from Sporting? TOTAL They have some very quick players and so I am sure that against a side that is creating a lot of chances, they will sit back and try to hit us on the counter attack and punish us that way. We need to continue to be solid in defence and from there, try to create openings. ROTULO: Would you bet on a Real Madrid victory? TOTAL If we continue to play as we have been doing up until now then of course. FALDON: BARCELONA X VILLARREAL ROTULO: Can Villarreal take at least a point from their visit to Camp Nou? TOTAL I think so yes. They are a side who go into the game on the back of some great results and I think that they will also want to show that at a fantastic stadium like Camp Nou. They want to fight to remain in the top positions and it will be an attractive game to watch and very difficult for Barcelona. FALDON: VALENCIA X GETAFE ROTULO: What is your prediction for this match? TOTAL It's going to be a tough match and difficult to gauge beforehand because Getafe are still a little hurt by their defeat to Barcelona. Both teams will have to up their stakes to win this game but I am sure that nobody knows what the result will be

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